Mandarin Mustang Band


 Congratulations 2020

Mustang Band Leadership

​Librarians:  Hope Herring*, Mario Barrs, Nala Terry, Laleh Ghasseminia

Tech Cru:  Caleb Kaneaster*, Mark Wydler, Kyle Beckstrom, Nico Duarte

Lieutenant:  Noah Antonelli

Section Leaders:

Flute: Maya Gedlaman, Kennedy Peyton

Clarinet: Tiffany Black, Ashwin Mendez

Saxophones: Garret Gregory, Kylie Astorga

Trumpet: Darren Johnson

Trombone: Savannah Seaver

Tuba/Euphonium: Devin Walmsley

Front Ensemble:  Evan Kiddy


Woodwind: Tiffany Black

Brass: Devin Walmsley

Percussion: Sam Gilbert

Guard: Kim Kelsey

Drum Majors

Asst. Drum Major:  Sean Walrath

Head Drum Major: Raven Rahn

Congratulations!!!  HAIL!!!

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2020 Band Camp Info ​ UPDATED 7/27/2020

(Subject to change according to Coronavirus mandates)

Camp Week 1:  Percussion/Guard: July 20-24: 6 pm - 8pm

Rookie Camp (new members only): July 23, 24, 27: 6pm - 8pm

Camp Week 2:  Full Band July 28 - 31: 6pm - 8pm

Rehearsals:  Aug 4, 6: 6pm to 8pm;

Band Showcase and BBQ: Aug 7 6pm-8pm

John Philip Sousa Award Winners

2019: Nick Cirell

2018: Sarah Gilbert

2017: Davis Benfer

2016:  Hector Granda

2015:  Amanda Olsavsky

2014:  Bailey Peacock and Mikyla Hall

2013:  Anthony Cassette

2012:  Teresa Lewis

2011:  Ajibola Okewusi

2009:  Andrew Willis

Covid implementations: 

I want to let everyone in on the additional rehearsal implementations for the camps to keep everyone safe. These are absolute and we will follow them each day. 

Time change:  Camp will be from 6 - 8pm. 5:30 begins temp checks; 6pm is rehearsal; you must be temp checked prior to entrance to rehearsal.  If you arrive late, you will need to text Mrs. Davis to be temp checked and wait outside the gate until you are cleared.

Students are required to arrive in waves wearing masks between 5:30-5:55pm. 

The district is mandating each student answer 5 online questions concerning current state of health (ie. do you have a fever, are you exhibiting cold symptoms etc).  Any student who answers no to any of these questions must stay home until they can answer YES to all the questions.  Please text Ms. Chaffin through the Band App immediately.

Prior to each rehearsal, each student will have their temperature taken via infrared thermometer.  Temperatures must be below 100.4.

 All students must remain 6 feet apart while indoors (3 step intervals and 10 feet while playing instruments indoors.  Students must remain socially distant while outside at 6 feet.  Staff will be rehearsing the students so this will not be an issue while outdoors.

Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal.  This means that all students must be picked up by 8:20pm.  This allows 15 minutes for announcements, march back to the band room and dismissal + 5 minutes to gather belongings and exit. 

Brass players must bring a “spit rag” - go to walmart and buy some cheap face washcloths and use those.  You are not to open waterkeys in the band room or in any indoor space.

Absolutely no playing on anyone else’s instrument or drinking from anyone else’s water.  You have to bring your own cooler of water.  No sharing of any kind - music, towels, drill etc.  Sharing is NOT caring right now.  

We will use the 3D app again this year so bring your phones.

I am no longer communicating through Facebook.  We are using the BandApp.  The Band app allows you to send texts directly to me as well as post to the entire band.  If I have to communicate with the band last minute (inclement weather, time change etc), I can send that out and you can receive the information immediately.  We can also live stream using the band app.  The Band App is free.

​Congratulations to the Mandarin Symphonic Band


Wind Ensemble

​for earning Straight Superior Ratings at District MPA!!!​​

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hail to the band !

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  • Brighton Beach march3:52
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