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  • 3:17
  • 5:29
  • 9:50
  • Brighton Beach march3:52
  • Ye Banks and Braes o'Bonnie Doon3:06
  • English Folk Song Suite mvt 13:35
  • English Folk Song Suite mvt 23:50
  • English Folk Song Suite mvt 34:22

Congratulations to the 2019 Leadership Team!
Head Librarian: Celeste Lash
Librarian - 1: Hope Herring
Librarian - 2: Nala Terry
Librarian - 3: Alicia Scott

Publicist: Ariel Simpson
Secretary: Cody Bush

Tech Crü Captain: Darren Johnson
Tech Crü 1:  Garrett Gregory
Tech Crü 2:  Kyle Beckstrom
Tech Crü 3:  Mark Wydler

Section Leaders:
Flute: Ansley Spaulding, Laila G.
Clarinet:  Melanie Rios, Tiffany Black
Sax:  Medina Toussaint
Horn: Cassie Bailey
Trumpet: Julia Winston
Tbn/Euph:  Lauren Ellis

Tuba: Devin Walmsley
Front Ensemble:  Vanessa Bautista

WW:  Bryn Dowdell
Brass: Lauren Ellis
Drum:  Sam Gilbert

Asst. Drum Major (will march): Raven Rahn
Head Drum Major: Jessica Mabrey

Congratulations to all!

 Congratulations 2018-19

Honor Band Members!

All District

Ansley Spaulding - Flute

Sarah Swain - Clarinet

Cassie Bailey - Horn

Lauren Ellis - Trombone

Savanna Seaver - Trombone

Sam Gilbert - Percussion

USF - Festival of Winds

Ansley Spaulding - Flute

Celeste Lash - Flute

Ashwin Mendez - Clarinet

Tiffany Black - Clarinet

Sarah Swain - Clarinet

Devin Walmsley - Tuba

Julia Winston - Trumpet

FSU - TriState

Nick Cirell - Euphonium

Katherine Kartsonis - Percussion

Cassie Bailey - Horn

hail to the band !

John Philip Sousa Award Winners

2019: Nick Cirell

2018: Sarah Gilbert

2017: Davis Benfer

2016:  Hector Granda

2015:  Amanda Olsavsky

2014:  Bailey Peacock and Mikyla Hall

2013:  Anthony Cassette

2012:  Teresa Lewis

2011:  Ajibola Okewusi

2009:  Andrew Willis

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​Congratulations to the Mandarin Symphonic Band


Wind Ensemble

​for earning Straight Superior Ratings at District MPA!!!​​

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