Week 3 video instructions:  Watch your section video to learn Lip Slur 1 and Forward March.  Practice along with the video and watch multiple times practicing along.  

Record a video of yourself performing Lip Slur 1 and Forward March along with the Drum Majors conducting you and send the video to your section leaders for feedback.

Remember, this is to help you learn.  If you do not yet have the technique to play all of Lip Slur 1, play as much as you can.  We will help you.  If you are not able to play any of Lip Slur 1, inform your section leader and they will give you an exercise that you are able to play along with LipSlur1 until you learn.  

Remember:  We are here to help you become a better player.  No matter where you are right now, we want to help you!  

Most of all - have fun!

Week 1: Set, Stand by, Horn Angle and hand position, posture, Horns Up, Mark Time

Week 2:  Check and Close

Send in your videos!!

Mandarin Mustang Band

Week 3:  Forward March 

and Lip Slur 1

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